“I was referred to Paradigm Acupuncture by my sister as I have suffered from sinus related headaches as well as sinus pressure for years and had no relief from Western Medicine. I came to the first appointment extremely anxious about acupuncture as I am uncomfortable around needles. However, Joe quickly put me at ease and explained the entire process in a calming manner that lowered my anxiety. While I was originally curious to see if it would work for me, I saw the benefits of it quite quickly as I was able to smell for the first time in years less than a week later. In addition, this was my first fall  that I haven’t been plagued by sinus headaches. The only change in my lifestyle was acupuncture so I attribute the change in my health to its healing abilities. Joe is not only a calming practitioner but also extremely thorough and compassionate. I would highly recommend him as an acupuncturist!”
New Jersey
“Before I began my treatments with Joe Oppedisano I had never before tried acupuncture.  Joe was very relaxed and explained about the process prior to beginning any treatments.  He was kind and very open during the in-take process and was very thorough in his information gathering. I greatly enjoyed not feeling rushed and being able to talk through my issues and concerns.
I began sessions to treat my PCOS and infertility issues.  We did one full body treatment a week plus an ear treatment later in the week.  I did enjoy my sessions and found them to be a new and interesting experience for me.  The energy I felt during each session was truly amazing.  Again, Joe was considerate and caring during treatments and explained everything as he went.  He was also happy to answer any questions or concerns I had during a treatment.
I continued treatments through for four months until I underwent an IUI.  Joe treated me on the day of my procedure as well.  Two weeks later, I was thrilled to find out that I was pregnant. I know it is impossible to say exactly what ended up working for me – but I truly feel that acupuncture greatly assisted me.
I would highly recommend Joe Oppedisano to anyone who is looking for a caring and knowledgeable acupuncturist.”
Brooklyn, NY
“I first began seeing Joe once a week for pain management after I herniated my L5-S1 vertebrae, which was sitting on my sciatic nerve. At the same time, I was also dealing with my father being in the hospital for a serious illness. Both things brought on a lot of stress, which made the physical pain of the injury worse. From my first session with Joe, I felt immediate relief, but not just of the physical pain, but also relief from some of the stress I was under, which I think is the great thing about acupuncture – it really helps treat the physical and mental aspects of a patient.
For anyone considering acupuncture, consider going to see Joe. He is extremely compassionate and truly creates a trusting and supportive environment where the focus is really on the patient. When I go to my regular doctor for a physical, I feel as though I am often rushed out the door. Joe takes his time asking me questions on everything from my mood, to my sleep patterns to my diet in effort to get a bigger picture on how to best treat me. Joe has demonstrated a deep knowledge of acupuncture  and his treatments are always helpful and have provided me a great deal of pain relief each time I have gone to him. In the last month my back pain has all but disappeared and I have decided that I will continue to go to Joe because I find the experience almost transformative. Each week for the hour or so I am in Joe’s practice, it is a small window of time where I can just breathe and be at total peace. I look forward to our session every week and anyone who goes to him I think would feel the same way.”
New York, NY