Prices & Services

Prices and services are for patients treated under Paradigm Acupuncture by Joseph Oppedisano, MSAc, LAc, CAc only

Price List:*
* Students, seniors & veterans receive a $10 discount on each treatment, with proper identification.

New Patients (appointment time is 1-1.5 hours):
Initial consult, history, & acupuncture treatment:     $100
Initial consult, history, & cupping only                         $70
Returning Patients (appointment time is 30 mins-1hr):
Follow up on current health concern:                          no charge
Intake for any NEW health concern:                           $10
Full treatment with acupuncture:                                $60
Cupping only therapy                                                     $30
          Specialty Treatments (see below for details):
Auricular acupuncture (30 mins):                               $30
Efficiency treatment:                                                      $40
Cupping only treatments                                               $30
Adjunct Therapies (if done during a regular treatment; for new and returning patients):
Cupping (except for cupping only therapy):              $10
Guasha:                                                                              $10
Bleeding:                                                                           $10
Auricular (ear) treatments: These are a standard acupuncture-only treatment protocol  consisting of five needles inserted into specific points in the ear.  These needles are inserted quickly and only a minimal intake is required.  This approach is frequently used in the treatment of stress and anxiety, addiction, smoking cessation, weight loss, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Efficiency treatments: For patients with limited time, an efficiency treatment offers a quick intake and body treatment lasting approximately 30-45 minutes. Minimal needles are employed; typically, adjunct therapies are not used. This is a good option for patients with a single, simple health concern. Discuss this option with me during your first appointment.
Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations should be made no less than 12 hours in advance.  A 50% fee may be charged for cancellations made with less than 12-hours notice, or no-shows, before another appointment will be made.
Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card due at the time of treatment.
Paradigm Acupuncture currently does not take insurance.